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I have an awesome downtown apartment. With 22 foot ceilings and heritage brick. Wait list for the bldg is about a year. But I can assign my lease to a new Tennant if I move out at any time. My gf and I broke up a few months ago, and I simply want to move out of the place we lived together for so long. The apartment is RIGHT downtown. Has a private deck and 22 foot ceilings. It is located across the street from market square on Johnson. It's has a modern kitchen and the bldg is well managed and ... It's affordable at $925 for 1000 feet of space. 2 can share here without a rent increase (like some jerk landlords). It's amazingly quiet here even being downtown because the suite is looking in to an inner courtyard. Free bldg wide wifi, and reasonable laundry prices.
So. I want to move out. But the rental market is tight as can be in Vic. I need a place to move to secured, before I'll let this go.
Perhaps you are your partner are wanting to move in together downtown, or you just want a change of pace to an exciting new pad.
What I need is this. Comparable or cheaper rent than $925. Hardwood or very recently carpeted floor (past 2 years), a walk in shower, and quiet. If you have a place within or walking distance to downtown and you would be interested in trading apartments with me, and your landlord is cool with that, then please let me know your details.
Thank you.

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